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Registration for the Winter 2019-20 Season is now closed.

Key Dates:

  • Nov 24 - Games begin (Division and All Net)
  • Dec 8 - High School games begin
  • Feb 2 - Last Division game
  • Feb 9 - Last All Net and High School game
  • Feb 2/3 - CST (Girls Division tournament), Division Boys Internal tournament, All Net tournament- Rd 1&2, and High School tournament
  • Feb 9/10 - CST Final Rd and All Net Final Rd
  • Mar 8/9/10 - AN National tournament

  • 2015 Winter NJB League Winners

    Saratoga NJB Varsity team won the Silicon Valley NJB Varsity Championship, wrapping up an 11-1 season record, including the championship game vs West San Jose. This is the second consecutive SV Championship for this team, which won the JV title last year before moving up to the Varsity division this year. Over the past two years, the team has an overall record of 23 wins and 1 loss, while winning two Championship Titles.

    In the picture, L to R ... Billy Inserra, Paris Muise, Robby Bonovich, Matt Kelleher, Jack Bullard, Ethan Hardgrave, Nick Clevenger, Joe Murphy, Nick Valencia, Max Torres, and Michael Bullard ... Coach Bill Inserra, team manager Danny Inserra

    Congratulations to the D3 boys team #2 coached by Connor Peebles, Jinho Choi, and Lily Asia for taking first place in the Saratoga League Championship. 2nd place went to team #1 coached by Dennis Namimatsu and Steve Dennis and 3rd place went to team #5 coached by Sam Berman and Bob Weisend.

    Congratulations also to the D2 boys team #6 coached by Jeff Roper and Mike Pors for taking first place in the Saratoga League Championship. 2nd place went to team #5 coached by Sisir Kudva and Mike Overby and third place went to team #3 coached by Scott Hutchings and Doug Green.


    Saratoga again has a Summer Champion!

    The 7th/8th grade team, Saratoga Bulls, coached by Nihal Mahajani and Neal Iyengar, beat a Los Altos team to win the level 2 Tournament on Sunday, August 19th.

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